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About Reddotz ID

Reddotz Interior Design firm Malaysia is founded Eric Wee on 2014.

He is a member of MIID ( Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers ) and has practiced in Malaysian Interior Design industry since 1999.

Here are some word of thoughts from the Founder:

Being in the interior design industry for more than 15 years, various projects experience and exposure have opened up a different perspective for me towards the meaning of design and its context. The difference between culture, lifestyle, climate, geographic and material resources has their unique influences to the interior design style and trend on different regions.


We are striking for excellent appealing design details, colour scheme, budget management and efficient communication. I always bring in fresh ideas and personal touch to interior spaces while helping my client to get the right value out of their living spaces.


On my thought, a good interior design should always strike a balance between beauty, space functions and budget. It is great to improve the business revenue and working efficiency of our clients through the implementation of appropriate design scheme which meets the market and consumers approach without sacrifice our client’s daily needs on spatial usage, living comfort and financial planning.


It’s my honor to be engaged by my respectable clients who value spatial design and living enviroment. I am happy to hear about your thoughts and needs on living space too.


May us share together the rejoices on our living design journey!


Warm Regards,



Eric Wee

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